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my movie rant


star trek- looking forward to this greatly. especially glad that this year i have been watching a little bit of star trek when its on after school. JJABRAMSNEEDZTOGETINME.


terminator- looks so good, and not just because of my bale-bias. it looks genuinely good. i really need to see the other terminator movies before hand though so i dont feel like a hypocrite when i see the new one and feel my personal shame burn inside me.

transformers 2- this movie is only going to make me mad, or make me laugh. i like the first one (there is no good reason why i like it, it is not a very good movie) but MBAY will not get lucky a second time. everything i know about this movie makes it seem as though he went out of his way to be the biggest dick possible. and i think more money is spent on explosives than animating the chrome-as-fuck-transformers.


wolverine was a shitty movie.
it is bad if you are a comic reader.
it is bad if you are not a comic reader.
it is insulting on both levels.
the special effects: poor
the directing: fukken poor
the casting: MOSTLY good.
the dialogue: unnatural and awkward (in no way do i blame the actors for this. screenwriter, this is all on you, man.)
the opening scene goes by faster than you can blink.
um, that was silver fox? i am only just realizing this, wow. good job.
fucked up timeline. even for comic books.

also, it broke my heart and shattered a dream. gambit did not have the cajun accent. the actor sort of tried at first (very subtly) and i was sort of okay with that. sort of. but after the first scene, he drops it almost entirely and when he does have a hint of any sort f regional dialect, it is texas at best.
all i wanted was a decent liveaction gambit. i didn't care if he had the stupid redblack eyes (i don't give a shit about them, but how lazy was it to not even do them? they fucking reconstructed prof. x's face, but couldn't give gambit black eyes? lazy and inexcusable). i didn't care if we saw real life card juggling (which we didn't because every single thing in this movie was CGI). i just needed the cajun accent and i could have walked away having seen and heard a live action gambit.

however, some moments were fun. jackman wasn't bad (when there he wasn't screaming like vegeta). sabertooth entertained me. wade wilson got some great lines (none were funnier than him cutting a bullet in half, though. why do people think that this is such a cool thing?)
but fuck, "deadpool" i am not even getting into that shitstorm of a bad idea.

glad i didn't pay to see it.
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so i'm a bitch-

hey guys, i'm thinking of trying to buy my friend's girlfriend from him.

is this a cool idea?


well you're a sexist moron who has no idea how to deal with a problem


Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

1. Chowder
i'm not making them bold, fuck that shit i don't know how.
oh my goooood i love this show. it's art direction is just so wonderful. its a mash-up of indian architecture and dr.sues with every color in the spectrum without looking like a crayon box threw up all over it. it's bright, funny, and original. i also love when they break the fourth wall. i don't know, it just strikes all the right cords with me.

2. Batman Beyond
i don't know, this show came around in a time where i was getting just a little bit tired of the previous batman series' reruns. and then, the clouds opened up and god gave the bat-fans this gift. in theory, this series could have gone horribly, horribly wrong. it was about bruce wayne getting too old to be batman, and some punk kid taking (literally) the cowl in his wake and protecting a futuristic gotham city over-run by joker inspired streetgangs. holy shit, does that sound awful on paper. "uh yeah, you guys love batman? well now he's really fucking old. i mean REEEEEEEEEEALLY old." this show should have failed, and yet it was completely awesome. terry had his own rogue's gallery practically equal to that of bruce's, something no one expected. i just really loved this show.

3. Powerpuff Girls
my first ever obsession. it was on cartoon network, which i watched way more than nickalodeon. it was a show about little girl super heroes. i was a little girl. plus, it was funny. i really liked the episode where the girls try to join major glory's justice friends. i used to make little paper dolls of the characters and play with them all day (there was no merchandise for a really long time)
and fuck yeah, i loved when they did the anniversary marathon.

4. Ryan Reynolds
um, he's really funny? just friends is one of my favorite movies, waiting is also hilarious. i just think he's real funny, and he's also pretty easy on the eyes. AND OMGZ RYANxXxSCARLET 4EVA

5. DC comics
i was already obsessed with batman, so i guess this was just the next step. well, i think it was in fifth grade, my grandma found a ton of comics in a box i her apartment. there were old disney princess comics (which most people don't know ever exsisted), spawn (which i hated, and what the fuck, who bought disney princesses AND spawn?), but most of all there was superman. specifically, the death of superman and the whole "funeral for a friend" story. in addition, it also had the first appearances of Steel, the Cyborg Superman (ugh...), and Superboy. well i loved them, especially the steel and superboy issues. but alas, i had nowhere to get more comics. i asked my mom who pretended not to know a single place. because i guess she thought i was enough of a boy already. so my comic dry-spell would last a few years. then one faithful day, i was in a borders by the magazine section and there i saw them. comic books. augh, but they were all x-men and sonic. i half heartedly bought an x-men issue. i didn't like it. then the next weekend in a different borders i found some more. this time, they had dc, but no batman. i almost walked away, but the i saw it. supergirl #12 with art by amanda conner and the first appearance of the new terra (who for some reason would get blacklisted for a few years, i never found out why). it was the first comic i ever bought. now i own somewhere around 546. also, i sort of helped get molly and genesis into comics. also yeah joe, talking about the spectrum is fun, but a bit gay because of the whole... rainbow thing... did you see that one cover? gah...

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i'm so sad that santiago's leaving
he's the greatest person ever and at least 32 times more handsome than my boyfriend, jizzie-j

it sure is sad that we won't be able to enjoy his beautiful company for a month.

well, i hope everything goes perfect for him on his trip and that he comes back safely

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i was doodling ALOT of harry potter today and i did this during science under my desk while the teacher was nagging at everybody. its sooo hard to draw under a desk you guys.